In Store Demo Woofers on Sale

Custom Home Hi-Fi showcases subwoofers at the high end of the spectrum - full, beautiful bass ranges offering authentic sound replication and almost no distortion.  We have a very wide selection, largest in the Triad: Definitive Technology, GoldenEar Technology, JL Audio, Paradigm. 

There is only way to evaluate subwoofers - listen to them. Custom Home Hi-Fi's offers an audio showroom, hear the differences, and discuss with our expert staff in order to make a "sound" decision.

Definitive's award-winning range of active subwoofers with built-in high-power amplifiers achieve a unique combination of delicate musicality and thunderous power for the absolute ultimate in bass performance.This has long been the most exciting, sought after and rarest of audio achievements, and now it is yours for the asking.

The ForceField Subwoofers’ unique and attractive cabinet shape, with its non-parallel cabinet walls (the top is narrower than the bottom when viewed from the front), helps the ForceField subs achieve extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass that is ideal for music and movies. Their cutting-edge amplifier design employs state-of-the-art DSP control for frequency shaping so the subs produce accurate, consistent and musical bass performance. 

Our award-winning lineup of powered subwoofer systems begins with proprietary subwoofer drivers and amplifier designs, precisely optimized for their intended physical envelopes and design goals. Because of this, they are not limited by which sub-assemblies are openly available on the world market. Instead, each system is fanatically engineered and precision-built in our Miramar, Florida factory to reflect our passion for spectacular audio and product quality.

We've waited over a year to receive two of JL's latest subwoofers: the models e-110 and e-112. They are now on display for your listening evaluation.

High-power DSP Series subwoofers are the result of Paradigm’s multi-year R&D effort to achieve exceptional high performance while accommodating the growing desire for installation flexibility. Not everyone wants a high-performance subwoofer on full display, so models are front-firing and front-ported with removable grilles, making them ideal for “hidden” installations. For those who want it all … exceptional high performance (including the sonic benefits of digital signal processing!), a smaller footprint, flexible placement options and killer price points, DSP subwoofers fit the bill.