PrimaLuna's Dialogue Premium

Unique Tube Designs 

Both shown models are available for listening and in-stock

Dialogue Premium Preamplifier

Custom Hi-Fi is pleased to showcase PrimaLuna's tube preamplifier - Dialogue Premium

The best tube preamps will be dual mono - meaning discreet circuits for the left and right channel
Power will come from tube rectifiers with point to point wiring - no circuit boards.
Multiple tubes for each channel.
All this is part of PrimaLuna's design for a superb Preamplifier

Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier-Preamplifier

Custom Hi-Fi showcases PrimaLuna's tube driven Dialogue Pemium integrated amp-preamp
Every PrimaLuna unit that has been reviewed has received a Stereophile Class A Rating.
Our Integrated Amp-Preamp is Swiss made with point to point wiring.
Almost all controls are provided on the Remote Control for quick/easy access.

Triode and Single Ended Triode amps are popular for their warmer, fuller sound.
Triode amps have limits, while Ultra-Linear has more extension at top and bottom.
Dialogue Premium offers both with the push of a remote control button.

Music will be presented with a super quiet background - instruments have a resonance and presence.